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Howl by Maria Glück

HOWL by Maria Glück creates high-end fashion with characteristic minimal shapes and elaborated textures. Handmade techniques mixed with a continuous research on materials (branches, flowers, cork, raffia or technological bio fabrics).. H O W L's statement involves the use of ecological and organic fabrics, recycled materials and fabrics, as well as fabrics that come from small mills and traditional techniques. Sometimes traditional ways of producing fabrics tend to disappear and Maria Glück aims to support these production methods by integrating these materials into her designs and helping small communities with traditional and unique weaving techniques.

Often the challenge comes by the addition and combination of unconventional fabrics to more classic ones: wood or cork in combination with organic silk. Yet not all fabrics are organic, as recycled or mixed and synthetic fabrics (that may come from a sustainable production) may be part of the collection. Digital prints and organic dyeing when it comes to colors. Production is local or regional (EU) and sustainable, respecting all rights and labor standards.

In September 2015, during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, Maria Glück will present her new collection 'WALKING UP THE MOUNTAINS', awarded with the SAMSUNG EGO FASHION INNOVATION Project.

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